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How a Warehouse Management System Benefits Poultry Plants


Is your poultry plant operating at a lower efficiency level than you’d like? Are your employees making frequent errors? A Warehouse Management System, or WMS, could significantly improve the efficiency of your plant. A WMS is a software program...

02 February, 2017 /

4 Ways To Cut Refrigeration Costs At Your Processing Plant

According to Seamus Kerr of refrigeration company RSL Ireland, a whopping 35-50% of a commercial or industrial plant’s energy costs can be traced back to refrigeration and chilling. While the overall costs of refrigerating and cooling a plant...

17 January, 2017 /

4 Quick Ways to Minimize Waste in Poultry Processing Plants

Waste is a thief. Every part of your plant that isn't contributing directly to the finished product constitutes time and money down the drain. With both ecological conservation and financial considerations in mind, here are five great ways you...

05 January, 2017 /

How to Save More Water in Poultry Processing

When thinking about the processes involved in a poultry production, you’d be hard-pressed to name one that doesn’t involve water in some way, shape, or form. Between washing broilers, cleaning equipment, cooling and heating, and more, water is a...

19 December, 2016 /

4 Cost-Cutting Lighting Solutions for Poultry Plants

 Effectively lighting a manufacturing plant can present a delicate balancing act to a poultry plant manager. On the one hand, improper lighting creates unsafe working conditions and makes accidents almost inevitable. On the other, like any other...

15 December, 2016 /

How To Make Your Poultry Processing Facility Weatherproof

No one can completely control the weather, but poultry plant managers may be surprised to find just how much power they have to protect their facilities from the elements. Your poultry plant is typically at greater risk during the colder months,...

23 November, 2016 /

Reaping The Rewards of A Sustainable Poultry Plant

No matter the industry, sustainability is the name of the game. After all, even the biggest cash cow won’t generate money for long if its resource pool dries up. Unfortunately, poultry production plants are filled with machinery and equipment...

26 October, 2016 /

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